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Judy. New Zealand.


Judy. New Zealand.

I never allow anyone to see me without my lippy, I just couldn't bear it!

I’m seventy-five years and a half, probably! Last year I was diagnosed with cancer and I think I’m coming through it very well. I know that it’s there and I have to fight it and that is exactly what I’m doing. I’m enjoying life. I couldn’t have got here with confidence if it hadn’t been for my daughter, Philly I know that. She’s just been there all the time for me and I just can’t tell you how much. I think I’d have died of starvation for a start!

After my first operation, which was major I suppose, I never allowed anyone to see me without my lippy! I just couldn’t bear it. I think my mother sort of brought me up a bit like that. She’d say, “go and do something with your face, it looks terrible!” So I grew up like that. When my face was pretty pale, I would think that if I had lipstick on it made me look not so bad.



I feel the girl within me is a forty-eight year old in disguise! I didn’t want to go into my fifties because that’s a bit elderly so I thought. I’m not unhappy that I’m not forty-eight anymore. Funnily enough I didn’t like it much when people knew I was in my fifties. If I was on a flight next to somebody cute I’d cover up the arrival card, write my date of birth very quickly and then turn it over! And now I couldn’t care a damn. I don’t mind saying what my age is or people knowing because I’m really happy within myself. I think that I don’t look seventy-five really. So I’m quite proud of that as well. Except for this rotten old thing that happened to me I’ve kept really, really good health so why not tell people how old you are.

Loads of people are beautiful that don’t have film-star looks. I prefer to have friends who are warm and loving and are just fun. Rather than a good looker who probably goes to one of those beauty people every so often and struggles a lot trying to stay forty-eight! It’s a silly old cliché really but there is beauty from within. I think that it’s really important.