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Koko. Japan.


Koko. Japan.

‘Good stress’ makes people young.

I work for the government as an adviser for the cabinet in Japan. I went to Harvard University.

I never feel like I’m beautiful, I’m always too busy being myself! I’ve never been conscious of what I look like. For me, beauty is health. I interview old men who are ninety and up and I often see members of older generations who are healthy old men and I think they look beautiful. So I believe health and beauty are closely linked.

I look at the younger generation and some of them look much older and more aged than the ninety year olds, partly because of their mental health. One’s beauty is based on one’s health. Things are different depending on each person, some people age prematurely because they lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Some people in older generations who have survived wars and other traumatic experiences, but who are psychologically stable and strong and are always looking for new things, look beautiful - especially if they have intellectual curiosity! That’s how I understand beauty. I hope old generations don’t think they’re ‘old’, because age doesn’t matter.

‘Good stress’ makes people young. I visit old people who live by themselves, and I think that things like cooking and food shopping is good stress, and that type of stress can make people young! Once people go into retirement homes other people cook for them and they have no choice when it comes to food so they just receive the service and end up being quite passive, then they get old really quickly. So you need a good amount of stress.

Always have a drive to do something!