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Alana. Los Angeles.


Alana. Los Angeles.

My rituals of self-care are not just about my skin, but nourishing me as a person...

My Skin Story

I spent many years trying to fix the outside of myself. I was struggling with acne and didn’t feel good about myself. I always wore tons of makeup as a temporary fix, but I never truly felt good internally.

I didn’t understand why I had acne. I was very health conscious and only used natural products on my skin plus I always ate organic as much as possible. Then I realized there was this whole other emotional aspect that I wasn’t dealing with. I wasn’t expressing my emotions, so they came through my skin.

Before acne I had eczema all over my body. I didn’t swim for years because of that fear. I just wanted to use one product, and have it healed. After ten years of trying every eczema treatment out there, I started seeing a therapist and using some ayurvedic treatments. It was as though I just needed to talk about my feelings and all of a sudden, I woke up one day and the eczema was gone. It was really quick. Even the residual scarring faded into discoloration and disappeared too. It was crazy.

I still break out when I’m stressed or emotional. I have to think about what’s happening around me to cause it.

Self-care has become a big part of my routine. I think it’s important that my rituals of self-care are not just about making my skin look nice but also nourishing me as a whole person. It’s such an important thing what I put in my body. It’s made a really big difference as to how I feel.

Now I’m just like ‘wow’ I’m not wearing makeup and I’m surrounded by people and it’s ok. I just feel free, completely free. Free to jump in a pool.