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Brittany & Johanna. New Zealand.


Brittany & Johanna. New Zealand.

I have very dry skin so 'moisturize' is my middle name! I just keep it very simple...

Brittany Loves

The Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask has been a great addition to my routine prior to photo shoots or special events when my skin needs to be in peak condition, or just when I’m in need of some self-care. It’s full of natural goodies so it keeps my skin calm and gets rid of excess oil.

My Skin Story | Brittany

I get terrible hormonal acne around my jaw line and I have tried loads of supermarket brands and medications to calm it but now that I’ve switched to really natural products (mainly Tea Tree, Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera based) I’ve been able to keep it under control. When my acne is really bad, I use a bar soap primarily for eczema that helps heaps. For girls out there with bad or cystic acne like I used to get I cannot stress enough how much better it is with NATURAL quality products, supermarket brands just don’t cut it.

Johanna Loves

Stint In The Wilderness Body Scrub and Body Mask.

My Skin Story | Johanna

I have very dry skin and have struggled with eczema since I was a child so ‘moisturize’ is my middle name! Normally I just keep it very simple with a cleanser and moisturizer. I also love a good face sheet mask and the Stint In The Wilderness Body Scrub and Body Mask has been life changing. I have also finally started wearing sunscreen every day, which I highly recommend.

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