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Dacia. New Jersey.


Dacia. New Jersey.

Staying in and being lazy reading and drinking tea makes me feel like a boss b*tch who is capable of doing anything.

It took me a while to appreciate my beauty, as both an aesthetic and a feeling. Living in a world that constantly tells black girls that we aren’t enough is tough but I arrived at a place where I accept and love who I am out of digging deeper spiritually and learning firstly to find myself and worth in God. 

My nappy hair and brown skin are a part of my identity and beauty and there’s nothing I can do to get rid of that. I like receiving compliments on features I have such as my smile, my brown skin, my big bright eyes with dark brown irises and my intellect and crazy cool personality. I quickly dismiss compliments that are solely projected on objectifying my body (ass, boobs).

What are three things that make you feel beautiful?

Being out in nature makes me feel beautiful because I realize there’s nothing really to compete with, nature is beautiful and does everything in its time and I am also a part of nature. Getting dressed up and going out makes me feel great and staying in and being lazy reading and drinking tea makes me feel like a boss b*tch who is capable of doing anything. I feel more beautiful when I’m not forced to be feminine, not having to shave, put on make, wear heels... I love being in baggy shirts, no bra, messy hair and calling it a day while soaking in a bath.

When was the last time you felt beautiful?

I last felt beautiful after taking a shower and then examining my body in the mirror on my vanity. I ran my hand over my curves, my boobs, twerked a little, stood there for a minute looking at myself and then said “girl, you are damn good looking.” Then I smiled and started applying my body lotion then face moisturizer.

Why is feeling beautiful important to you?

Feeling beautiful is important because it allows me to stay true to what I believe. To not fall in the comparison trap, to know that there are girls out there more physically attractive than me but they are not me, they don’t have my dope soul and amazing personality.