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Dani. New Zealand.


Dani. New Zealand.

Hydrate and be kind to your mind, body, soul and skin... 'me time' is on the horizon...

Dani Loves

The Stint In The Wilderness Body Scrub and Mask is the bomb, I love the buttery feel it leaves on my skin after washing and patting dry. Besides that, the Girl Gold Bags are handy AF!

My Skin Story

My skin is tattooed and weathered haha - no, but it varies from week to week depending on the efforts taken to care for the body as a whole. My theory is what you consume whether visually, mentally, ingested or topical affects you.

So my skin at this moment is a little dry in pressured spots and neglected thanks to a poor diet due to being out of whack. That’s when you know life is a little hectic and 'me time' is on the horizon.

I don’t have any daily rituals, however when I take the time to have a bit of ‘me’ time an Epsom salt bath is a must. Soak for up to 1.5 hours. This is usually my time to expel any negativity from my Mauri (life force) I surrender to my time in water allowing the thoughts to flow freely. It’s good, quiet and beneficial beneath the surface. A chance to hear myself clearly in some home truths. Winter is coming, hydrate and be kind to your mind, body, soul and skin.

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