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Ellie. New York.


Ellie. New York.

I use Pink Skies Beauty Balm on my lips, cuticles, elbows, ankles and dry spots...

Ellie Loves

My favorite Girl Undiscovered product is the Pink Skies Beauty Balm. I use this on my lips, on my cuticles, elbows, ankles, on dry spots and even apply it under my eyes to keep them moisturized. I love products that are multipurpose.

My Skin Story

My skin is like a photo album that captures my past and present. The scars on my skin from a cut, the wrinkles that are slowly forming that once weren’t there, the bruises that form when I accidentally bump myself, the softness after dead skin cells are removed, and the acne that comes and goes all have a story that become a memory with feelings attached. Now, I have come to love them all.

It was difficult as a young girl having acne and for a long time not knowing what products would help my skin. What was worse, was when I formed adult cystic acne at the age of 21 due to hormonal imbalance. I wondered when my skin would clear and stay calm. Though I felt hopeless, I chose to take action and show the care my skin truly needed.

This meant doing skincare and makeup product research, getting rid of products that were harsh, going to the dermatologist to understand my skin, and making wiser food choices each day. I stopped picking at my skin, used less products and made sure to be gentle. Slowly I began to see the difference. The bumps on my skin calmed down, I became cystic acne free and from there became intentional about what I applied on my skin.

Now at the age of 28 I can say I am content with the condition of my skin after seeing how much my skin has healed. Even if I still form a few bumps here and there it doesn’t discourage me like it used to. I am confident and beautiful regardless because I know who I am and no matter what my outer appearance looks like, it’s my soul that matters.

What’s important is feeling beautiful in my heart and allowing those sunrays from my heart to radiate and seep through to others. Beauty on the inside shows the inner character of one’s self and that’s what’s important: character, health and well-being.