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Ellie. New York.


Ellie. New York.

Sometimes my dreams feel unattainable... but I'm loving myself in this moment instead of trying to escape my darkness

When was the last time you felt beautiful?

Sometimes, my dreams feel unattainable and limited here in NYC. Which is ironic to say even when there are many people, networks and opportunities.

And even though I got my Masters in Social Work, I long for more. I see so many people suffering, so many people unhappy with their lifestyle even if they have it all.

I feel the itch in my heart because I am a dreamer. A dreamer of hope, kindness, love and freedom and that’s when I feel the most beautiful…when I am able to dream and witness a miracle of people’s lives liberated through kindness and emotional art of our expressions.

What are three things that make you feel beautiful?

 It’s important for me to be mindful each day and be kind to myself especially when I am working through my own journey with depression.

I feel beautiful when I’m:

- praying or meditating

- writing, blogging, reading or taking photos

- being in nature 

I’m loving myself here in this moment instead of trying to escape my darkness. Each day I am learning to love myself so well that it makes me want to stay alive.

Why is feeling beautiful important?

“Long arms,” “too skinny,” “chopsticks,” “skeleton,” “flat chest….” These are some words that I’ve used and people have said to describe me.

Beauty isn’t about the outside. You can be the most beautiful being on the outside but lack it within. It’s got to come from there first.