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Gailene. New Zealand.


Gailene. New Zealand.

Nursing is amazing. The feeling you get caring for people; the communication, how grateful they are, is just so motivating.

Working and supporting myself financially is important to me…probably something I get from my Mum. She’s a workaholic. Being a student is expensive, so while training to be a nurse I work two jobs as well as extra curricular stuff like playing netball and the gym. Nursing is amazing. My first placement was a geriatric ward - I loved it. The feeling you get caring for these people; the communication, how grateful they are is just so motivating. I also care for a tetraplegic girl my age; we’re very close. Trainee nurses don't usually get spinal injury patients so doing her cares, showering and turning her in bed at night is great experience.

I’m definitely goal orientated, when I set my sights on something I’m very disciplined. If I don't win I can live with it, but I’ll look closely at what I could have done better. Working on my body is a daily thing. I love the gym. But I know that personality makes someone beautiful - looks get you the attention, personality is why someone stays.

I’m positive and confident, but last year was a struggle. A toxic relationship left me very low, I wasn’t me anymore and even failed a paper. Now I’m concentrating on finishing my degree and caring for me. I learnt a lot though, like how much I appreciate my beautiful, positive, loud best friend. Also now I accept that I can’t make everyone happy. No matter how much heart you give, people will see you as they see you.