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Hannah. New Zealand.


Hannah. New Zealand.

I never used to do face masks but it’s my ritual now. If I don’t do it, something feels amiss...

Hannah Loves

The Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask is actually magic for my skin. I like to use it once a week because it keeps my skin so healthy and glowy. I never used to be a face mask girl but it’s my ritual now. If I don’t do it something feels amiss. It's the time I spend on feeling calm at the end of a long day, and we all deserve a little me-time. Under The Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water is my other must-have. In the morning it wipes away my sleep and wakes me up for the day, and at night it preps my skin before using the Stars Aligning Face Elixir Oil.

My Skin Story

From a young age I've had a skincare ritual, always keeping it simple, natural and basing it around what makes me feel good. I can get a bit anxious about things that don’t necessarily need to be stressed over, so it’s nice to take that time to re-center and focus myself.

I went through a period of acne when I was in my first couple of years of uni - a lot later than most of my friends. I had outbreaks galore and I know it was related to stress. I was always hunting to find skincare that was natural, but worked and aligned with my personal values of looking after our planet. I wish I had some Girl Undiscovered products by my side at that time! 

When I get pimples now I just think "well, I’m human I’m going to get them". It’s better to let them breathe and heal with natural products and time, rather than cover them up with oily foundation. It did take time to feel this way though.