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Hannah. New Zealand.


Hannah. New Zealand.

My favorite skin ritual is dry brushing followed by a body mask before jumping in the shower...

Hannah Loves

My absolute go-to products are the Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask and Stars Aligning Face Elixir Oil! I’m a big oil fan, so I adore the Soaked In Sunshine Body Oil too!

My Skin Story

Every now and then I still get skin breakouts, but somehow it doesn’t matter as much. I don’t know why that fades. I wonder if that’s because I’ve become more confident with age, or my looks just don’t define me as much as they did when I was younger.

I’m the kind of a girl who’s always running out the door so I’m into minimal makeup and I’m pretty low-key in terms of obsessing over skin.

I definitely remember having bad skin at school and being really self-conscious of it. I wasn’t as confident within myself and it did get to me. There were always the girls with beautiful glossy skin. That definitely wasn’t me.

Nowadays if I’m tired, I do a Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask and read a good book. Being disconnected during that time is really important. For me there is real power in that. I genuinely love, love, love the Girl face mask. I try and do a mask a couple of times a week, even as a scrub if I'm in a hurry. It leaves my skin feeling so nice, clean and fresh.

I also use the face oil religiously and carry it with me in my handbag. That’s the same with the Pink Skies Beauty Balm, it goes with me everywhere! I love that Girl Undiscovered products are so multi-purpose.

My favorite skin ritual is dry brushing followed by a body mask with our incredible Stint In The Wilderness Body Scrub before jumping in the shower. I then warm the Soaked In Sunshine Body Oil and apply it on damp skin. It makes me and my skin feel amazing - so smooth, clean and fresh and it’s great way to detox. It’s my favorite skin ritual.