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Jayna. Los Angeles.


Jayna. Los Angeles.

I love to slather my skin. I’m always in a rush because of how much I moisturize...

My Skin Story

My skin cannot be dry as it’s the most uncomfortable feeling.

My favorite thing to do with my skin is to slather it with lotions and butters. That takes up the most time in my daily routine. I’m always in a rush because of how much I moisturize!

When I’m stressed out that’s when I get breakouts. I get so stressed that I forget to wash my face or moisturize, and my skin isn’t used to that. And in addition to that, the stress and being upset with whatever’s happening in my life, I’d get a stress pimple. Then I make it worse by picking at them. I know it’s a terrible habit, but I can’t help it. I have these tools for especially for squeezing pimples. I shouldn’t be allowed to buy those tools. I should have to fill out a survey online before I buy them. They are so not good for people like me.