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Marley. Los Angeles.


Marley. Los Angeles.

I remind myself that my skin is the way my body talks to me; it’s just expressing its needs...

My Skin Story:

I like to nurture myself with my skincare routine. I think I was probably fourteen when I started realizing that self-care is really important. After a really long bath or putting on nail polish, I feel better about myself.

When I break out, instead of getting mad - because the instant thought can be ‘I’ve been eating poorly’ or ‘I did something to cause this’ - I remind myself to let my skin be the way that my body talks to me, and how it’s really just expressing its needs.

I also have this practice that I really love and would like to share it;

Light a candle and sit in a comfortable position in front of the mirror and maintain a soft eye contact with yourself. Feelings can arise as to how we feel about ourselves when we’re beholding our reflection, and it’s the willingness to sit with the happiness, sadness or disappointment that lets something else happen. You might look at yourself in the mirror and hear negative thoughts…but if you continue to stay connected to your reflection you can let those thoughts pass. It’s like an open-eyed meditation. Then when you’re in the moment you will notice how differently it feels when you’re actively placing positive, loving thoughts onto yourself, versus letting your mind come in with the most surface level things you might say to put yourself down.