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Sarah Rose. New Zealand.


Sarah Rose. New Zealand.

I really did feel like shit, and when I stopped caring about it, it was a very freeing thing.  I have power over how I feel.

I am twenty years old and I live in Auckland.

There's this quote that says don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle' and it's really really important, because everyone's on their own journey.

Social media is great tool and platform for a lot of people, but if you spend a lot of time just scrolling and looking at what everyone else is doing, it kind of takes away from you and what you're doing, especially around other people, it's important to just take yourself away from that virtual world and actually be present in where you are and people that you have around you.

With my physical appearance, it was hard when I was trying to do modelling because there are very strict measurements, sizes, and everything. So for me being not small enough and being told I'm not small enough was really hard for me to deal with and that really made my confidence drop a lot. And it kind of became an obsession with 'should I eat this, should I not?' and it took me away from the things that make me happy and it shifted my focus onto the way I looked. 

Everyone goes through things, and no matter how good it looks like you have it, you still go through a lot. So yeah with all that I really did feel like shit, and when I stopped caring about it it was a very freeing thing, and I learnt that I am in control and I have power over how I feel and I can surround myself with things that can make me feel good. Still everyone has their down days but I'm just very happy in life now and I enjoy life. I really don't care anymore what other people think or I don't care about trying to fit into other peoples ideals of what beauty is or how I should act.

I think that finding a passion is something really important to being happy. I got a film camera and started shooting on film and that was something that I really enjoyed doing and over the few months I was like it's been kind of boring and I haven't done much and I look at my photos and I'm like 'wow, I've lived through all of these moments' and these experiences and that kind of helps me feel happy that there's so much that happens in life that I can be proud of and be happy about. I love listening to music and dancing in my room. That is a thing that I enjoy that makes me feel really happy.