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We are not just a beauty brand we are partners in a global movement towards female strength. We believe beauty has no borders, that it should be about freedom and adventure, regardless of your age or culture. It’s about being true and honest. What beauty should feel like.

We feel blessed to be on this journey. 100% WILD™ is our brand for beyond organic, keeping it personal, ethical and sustainable. All our products are grown free from plantations and pesticides, but it is more than that. we are for the girl who wants to make the world a little more interesting, a little more beautiful and a lot more thoughtful. We are 

100% WILD™.

The Founders


We are two friends; Philippa (Philly) Gebbie and Charlotte Devereux, who travelling the world fell in love with the people and the places we discovered along the way. 

Girls, discovering...

Meet the team

    • Charlotte Devereux

      Co-founder & Lead Product Developer

      Charlotte is the inspiration behind our wonderful range of products. Born into a family with a history of championing beautiful skincare, Charlotte has a deep understanding of natural ingredient sources and an innate ability to create magic from the earth's treasures. Always working to find natural beauty solutions, and the creative thinker behind our collection, Charlotte leads our research and development team into exciting new territory.

    • Philly Gebbie

      Co-founder & CEO

      Philly is CEO of Girl Undiscovered, with a strong focus on strategy and international business development. Having spent 33 years building entrepreneurial companies throughout Asia, Philly brings a wealth of business experience to Girl Undiscovered. She is proudly immersed in Eastern culture and customs and her genuine passion for the countries that we're invested in - as well as a penchant for pink - is pure Girl Undiscovered.

    • Hannah Nelson Parker

      Brand Strategy & Marketing

      Hannah heads our digital team and is an integral part of the implementation of our brand and marketing strategies. Hannah works to connect, build and manage our relationships with our brand partners and collaborators, and is always looking to align Girl Undiscovered with the right strategic partners. 

Our auditors & suppliers

  • Tint

    Tint is the voice of our Myanmarese suppliers and our quality controller as we source the best Thanaka for our Girl Undiscovered products. Tint is a passionate advocate for taking Myanmar's business communities to the world in an ethical and sustainable way.

  • Phyu

    Based in both Yangon and Bagan, Phyu works closely alongside Tint to help source our precious Thanka. Phyu brings unequaled local knowledge to the table and is a valuable advisor for Girl Undiscovered helping to ensure ethical trade with our Myanmar families. 

  • Bruce

    Bruce is a Bali local and our on-the-ground auditor. A horticulturist, his skill base makes him invaluable, managing our suppliers to ensure ethical trade as well as ensuring the highest quality pure virgin Coconut oil.

  • Thanaka Family Collective

    Our super potent anti-oxident and nutrient-rich ingredient, Thanaka, comes to us straight from the Nyein family who are our valued suppliers.

  • Thanaka Producers

    Harvesting Thanaka on their plantation, Wai Mom Mom Aung, her father U Kyaw Thein and their family share their land with five other households in Myanmar.

  • Coconut oil collective - Dayu Anie

    Our Balinese cold-pressed Coconut oil is gathered by a working collective of families in the Nongan village in the foothills of rural Bali, Here, Ida Ayu Ari Mahayai who runs the business, uses time-tested, natural processes to produce our virgin oil.
  • “My pores looked smaller and my skin was noticeably less oily, a huge bonus for someone with combination skin.”

    Bree Kraffert
  • “My skin—which was a little irritated and blotchy from my recent trip to the gym—was visibly smoother and less red afterwards. Plus, the scent on this mask is divine.”


Girls, discovering.

How it all began

Girl Undiscovered is an adventure shared by two childhood friends, Charlotte and Philly who's dream from the very beginning was to make beautiful skincare using pure and natural ingredients foraged in the wild, intertwined with a philosophy of liberating beauty and offering skincare rituals to make every girl feel beautiful.

Philly has a background as an entrepreneur in Asia and Charlotte grew up alongside her mother’s wildly successful skincare brand. So, combining the two skillsets seemed like the perfect collusion of our great loves in life.

Where we are based

Our Girl HQ is in Parnell in Auckland, but we are often moving all around the world. We have stockists in NZ and USA, suppliers in Myanmar, Bali and islands off New Zealand. It’s safe to say at least one Girl is somewhere in transit at any given time!

What matters to us

Authenticity in everything we do. This means being true to ourselves, honest with the people we work with and transparent with the women who use our products.

We have personal connections with each and every one of our suppliers and have travelled to their islands and sometimes remote villages spending time with them and their families, to ardently ensure that our ingredients are ethically and sustainably harvested, with fair wages and conditions of working.

Authenticity to us is to be honest and heartfelt, liberated and fearless. To be 100% WILD.

What inspired making Girl?

Three things; being set on fire by the inspiration from our travels, our life-long friendship and shared love of femininity.

We wanted to take what we’d seen and experienced, work with the women we’d met along the way to bottle up the wild to bring to girls around the world in a way that was refreshingly, radically transparent. We have no secrets around how we work or what goes into our products because we’re so proud of how they’re made and what we do.

What makes Girl sit differently on the shelf?

Our products are a unique, global blend of 100% wildly grown ingredients with healing properties that hark back to ancient beauty and healing rituals across the globe. We use no parabens, artificial enhancers, colours or carriers.

Each product has its own unique ode to the wilderness, whether it’s the tiny calendula flowers in the Starts Aligning Face Elixir, or the amethyst, citrine and rose quartz crystals tinkering at the bottom of our Under The Waterfall Cleansing Water. We use these because we want caring after our skin to feel like a beautiful ritual in itself and not a last-minute wipe of a make-up pad before we crash into bed each night. Philosophically, we believe that ‘beautiful’ should a feeling and not a way we should be made to feel like we need to look. When we can arrive at that then we think we can be free.

What does being a Girl mean for us?

Feeling free. Strong. Safe. Wild. Feeling in charge of your body and your mind and that empowers you to have control over your own destiny. We know these are ambitious and at times complicated negotiations with the self and something we continually pursue during the course of our lives. Our femininity is raw and real and precious and something we feel lucky to have!

What do we want Girl to inspire in other girls?

We have our three Girl Commandments:

1. To create rituals around the way we look after our skin and ourselves.
2. To encourage ourselves and our girl communities to pursue feelings of liberation and freedom from the traditional constraints of how beautiful must look and be.
3. To spark a consciousness for women about where the products they use are from and the effect that has on those that make them.

      Where can I shop Girl?

      Right here! Or for physical stores that stock Girl, visit our stockists.