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Meet the team


    Charlotte Devereux

    Co-Founder + Product Director

    As a child, I was privileged growing up with an entrepreneurial mother who's incredible business acumen and innovative spirit passed onto me my love for creating. It's in my blood.

    I embrace the power of the possibility of new categories of skincare, as well as delving back in time to ancient beauty rituals.


    I am in my happiest place when mixing up lotions and potions and get such joy when I see others loving our products too. I love makeup and I love bare. I love dressing up and I love dressing down. I am a bit of a magpie for anything that twinkles and crystals fulfil my desire for sparkle. I'll switch my lipstick colour for a bit of a pick me up. Most of all I love fresh and dewy looking skin.

    I always try and get in a headstand each morning for an instant facelift and endorphin rush. My previous business life as a pregnancy clothing designer, where I designed for women to feel their beauty, has put me in touch with the magical way the body changes and helping women to embrace their new found curves. It was very easy for me to continue this on with Girl Undiscovered. I love remembering my inner girl as the curious, kind and creative one I continue to want to be. 

    Philly Gebbie

    Co-Founder + CEO

    I love pink and I love wearing it. The happiness it brings me is more than empowering. I deliberately wear warm colors that vibrate more energy and nothing puts a spring in my step quite like a girly dress. Even now as I sit typing on my laptop, the summer colors of my wardrobe beckon me from an open door!


    Moving back to NZ after 33 years in Asia has been a big change for me. We are not a frilly country and it seems that we have a long-standing love affair with the colour black, even our slightly brooding landscape, weather and art is strong. But I am embracing the change and I can see that our smart, can-do Kiwi women can still appreciate things coded with girlyness.

    My inner girl has always been one filled with fun, generosity and a of dash cheekiness and I love spending time with my family, however, am only complete when involved in a business that I am passionate about.

    My dream came true when I joined the team at Girl Undiscovered and I am working hard to put in motion ambitious growth plans for us to become a truly global brand.

    Sara Orme

    Co-Founder + Creative Director

    I'm a feminist who loves clothes and feeling good. A strong opinionated woman who is also very feminine. Most of my life I've resisted traditional feminine stereotypes, and through my career as a photographer tried to create a new visual vocabulary about female strength and what femaleness might look like. Which for me is diverse and ageless.


    I love finding the inner girl in myself and I'm constantly surprised by energy and curiosity. I feel so excited to have developed Girl Undiscovered with two great girlfriends. I feel lucky and happy to have created a company that is enabling me to channel my creative energies into communicating a brand and product range that is encouraging females to celebrate their girl selves wherever or whatever that may look like.

  • Hannah Nelson Parker

    Brand Strategy and Marketing

    I’m thirty-two and can jump to my freest time easily; when I was travelling overseas.


    Girl Undiscovered has grown so much since I began when the company started and I love that it reflects the kind of spirit I seek in myself and admire in other women - taking care of yourself and following your adventurous spirit. My Girl spirit comes from the freest time in my life; spending half a year travelling South America, forgetting vanity and eschewing responsibility and feeling so inspired by the world.

    Although I have a lot more responsibility I can still find the free spirited me when I’m offline and not stressed out and I’m not feeling frazzled. Whether it’s at the beach with some friends, going for a run, or in a park with a book I can always find the free spirited me.

    Annabel Hawkins

    Creative & Writer

    I look 15 but I feel 30 something on the inside (in real life, I’m somewhere in between). I’m an Aquarius. A middle child. A storyteller, a yogi and an adventurer. Lots of pieces of everything! My life has been one of many journeys and I use a lot of my own stories from these to inspire the poeticisms for Girl. I like to think they reach out and connect women together with what we’ve felt, thought and dreamt of.


    Every poem that I write for Girl Undiscovered is drawn upon a really specific moment. It’s often with my female friends and that feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself, and that, I think, is one of the most strengthening thing you can do as a woman. Surround yourself with other females you want to be more like.

    Hannah Sames


    I’m 24 and I live in Auckland in what my friends and I call our Forever House. This is my dream job - I’m into anything natural and organic, no plastic, no chemicals and all ethical. So the world I design for Girl is not too dissimilar to the one that’s in my head. My sense of freedom comes from those moments where I’m not worried about being judged, can say anything I want and look however I want. There’s such a power in that feeling and the moments we can create.


    My little slice of freedom is in those moments where I’m not worried about being judged, can say anything I want and look however I want. When I’m being unapologetically me- that’s when the magic happens.

    My sense of Girl Undiscovered is when I’m lying in bed on Sunday morning with spot cream on. In these moments it’s very internal for me. Most of my thoughts aren’t what I would share with anyone. I won’t voice how I’m feeling, it’s just something only I will know. It’s actually quite empowering. I love that working on and using this brand unlocks the dreamer in me and encourages other girls to do the same - I think that’s so powerful.

    Janie Wood

    Retail Strategist

    I am originally from England, and after a few interesting pit-stops from Hong Kong to Switzerland and New York I now live in Venice, CA. LA is one of my favorite places to live, it’s rich in creativity, fused with my love of being outside inspires me, I recommend getting yourself to the tallest building or highest point on a hike and take in the views, the contrast between the landscape, architecture and the ocean is breathtaking.



    Caitlin O’Toole

    Brand Assistant

    I’m 20 and in the midst of my design degree, bringing creative ideas to life at Girl and running my own online platform.

    I love bringing to life a story or a feeling or an emotion through photography. Freedom means having the feeling within myself to let go of all my fears and just go for things instead of having negative self-talk telling me it might not work out. I just do it and it sets me free.


    I spent a lot of time in my younger years just putting off things that I really loved in order to fit in with the crowd and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that my passions are the most important things and they make me the happiest.

    My Girl Undiscovered ritual is lathering on Stumbled Across Paradise Face Mask, watching a YouTube video and eating some snacks. Best ritual in the world, I’ve got to say. That’s the end of Caitlin’s day!

    Shasha Zuo

    Operations Manager

    I’m 31, wear hardly any makeup and love being in love.

    I was born in Henan in the middle of China and came to New Zealand when I was 17. My parents knew I’m quite independent so they didn’t worry about me. I’m the kind of girl that solves things quickly - I get this from my mother - she’s a judge and a powerful woman. We all are.


    I’m the Operations Manager for Girl Undiscovered and my job is more related to supply chains, accounts, and lots of logistics jobs. I’m new to this office and there are lots of things left for me to learn and discover.

    My inner girl is about 14. I bought a dress from Sailor Moon because it’s my favourite cartoon and when I wear it it brings out my girl within. It makes me feel like I can be the girl in the story.

    I only do it when I’m alone so in a way it’s when I’m at my most real because I’m completely disconnected from other people and what they might think of me. I’m happy I haven’t lost my inner girl. I am quite girly so I love all the pink that comes with Girl Undiscovered.

    Kathryn Lowe

    Chief Financial Officer

    I think I’ve always challenged the norms. To me, it means not being restricted by stereotypes. I was manager of Corporate Finance at New Zealand’s largest company. I have over 20 years experience in taxation, accounting and acquisitions. At university, I completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) and Bachelor of Commerce.

    Girl Undiscovered is an incredibly inspirational business to be a part of. We’re really just trying to take things to the next level. I’m focused on streamlining the financial reporting and managing the financial affairs of the company.