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Our Founders

Founded by Charlotte, Philly and Sara, three Kiwi girls with oceans of experience spanning business, creativity, feminism, photography and skincare.

We are all about things that are wild. Foraged. Natural and unpretentious. Like the first swim of summer or the warmth of a well-lined winter coat.

We’re inspired by things and stories that move us and make us think differently. Because that is where true beauty lies.

Meet the team...

Hannah Nelson Parker

Brand Strategy and Marketing

Well-travelled and with a deep love for all things ethical and natural, Hannah looks after the Girl Brand, marketing and operations.

One of our longest-standing Girls, Hannah has been with Girl Undiscovered from the beginning, setting up our supplier relationships, logistics and marketing relationships across the world. We wouldn’t be where we are without her!

Hannah Sames


Our dream design girl, Hannah brings to life the vision of Girl - through graphic design, content creation and typography.

A published illustrator and University tutor in design, Han has the magic touch with all Girl Undiscovered collateral and brings our visual inspiration to life across all Girl Undiscovered touch points.

Caitlin O’Toole

Brand Assistant

Our Girl of many talents, Caitlin is busy behind-the-scenes helping the magic happen - from social to logistics and everything between.

An entrepreneur herself, Caitlin runs her own photographic supply studio and online platform. With a deep love for imagery and design, she swooshes her visual prowess over our overall Girl Undiscovered look and feel alongside Hannah.

Jasmine Gebbie


Working on our giving back initiative, Jasmine is busy researching ways in which we can work to support charities who share our values of female strength and empowerment.

Janie Wood

Retail Strategist

Our lead USA-based Girl, Janie brings her wealth of successful international business expertise to run our American retail operations.

With vast experience in launching and upscaling brands onto a global stage and a love for all things natural, Janie is our expert London expat living in LA. A dedicated woman of skincare rituals, ingredients and savvy ideas, she keeps Girl Undiscovered global.


Family Collectives

Our Mission

To reveal her glow and empower her to be the champion of her own skincare ritual.

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We're about feeling free and making rituals in our skincare and lives that help us feel healthy and beautiful.

The kind of beauty that doesn’t demand processing or over-thinking who we are or how we should be but focuses on a feeling.

Of what wild feels like. Of what it feels to be free.

Our journey

We packed our bags and travelled to explore the time-honoured traditions that bestow the feeling of beauty in our own country and cultures abroad. On our voyage of discovery we sought the best natural sources of skincare.

We met incredible women, who welcomed us into their communities to experience their way of life. We learnt what beauty means to these women as they were taught the practices that have been passed down through the generations.

These women and their families have become both friends and valued partners. Whether growing honey on a windswept island in New Zealand, coconuts in a remote village in Bali or harvesting thanaka in their own backyards in Myanmar, these are strong and passionate women and family collectives that are honouring the past and creating a future for their children.

Our journey



100% WILD embodies the full spirit of Girl Undiscovered;
The free essence of our Girl, the ways in which our key ingredients grow and our homeland, New Zealand.

Our 100% WILD philosophy pushes our ingredients beyond organic - our key ingredients; Thanaka, Coconut oil and Kanuka Honey are free from mass corporate plantations, pesticides and sprays. They are as natural and uncontained as they can possibly come, making our products the purest form of powerful they can be.

100% WILD is about being liberated, natural, spirited and free. It reminds us that this feeling exists within us, and the experience of using our products unleashes this.

Our Ethics

We teamed up with NGO’s and international embassies to seek the most ethically sound ways to source our key ingredients. It was essential that we met our suppliers in person, to form lasting relationships with these family run businesses.

Our key ingredients are sustainably grown and free of pesticides. Our sources are fully traceable and there are no nasties, no animal testing and we are fully transparent with our small and unique supply chain.

Our Ethics



From the very beginning we set out to deliver our products in the way that they should be delivered... natural, clean and housed in glass. 

Our glass containers come with lids made from something called rPET, which means that they are made from recycled plastic and can keep on being recycled. 

At Girl Undiscovered, we are fully committed to being as sustainable as possible, across our packaging to the way we source our ingredients.