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Sara Orme

About me


I am the white looking girl with a story. I grew up with my feminist, art teacher Mother and my Maori activist and lawyer Father.  I can go from my city house in Auckland to my marae in the Bay Of Plenty. I leave as Sara and arrive as Hera of Ngati Awa and Te Arawa descent. With my parents I protest marched to support the homosexual law reform in 1979 and protest marched to keep Bastion point in 1977.

I also marched against the springbok tour in 1981. I’m lucky enough to be alive, see history finally align itself  and know my parents taught me well.


I also grew up in a very female oriented environment that was artistic, peaceful and beautiful. Beauty was appreciated and all around me.


With a solid mix of Art, Maoritanga & Activism I went on to complete my degree

in Art history and Sociology (Feminist studies major). A few years later I studied photography.


For me, photography captures every corner of my spirit. I use my sociologist eye to consider the backbone of my ideas. I use my art historian eye to explore the greats centuries before me.


I will seek the power. I will seek the beauty. I will seek the emotion.

I only know diversity in my life and this in turn becomes who I am as a photographer.

My work is a reflection of me as a Woman, Artist,Sociologist and Photographer.